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Our linen clothing for women is artisan made & highly sustainable


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There was a time in history when linen clothes for women was reserved for high society and the noble – linen was once so precious that it was even used for wrapping the bodies of mummies in Egypt, contributing to the preservation of such ancient treasures. However the cultivation of flax spread throughout the 16th century and beyond, making linen more available. Fast forward to today and linen clothing is being rediscovered and redefined as a luxury fabric that is highly sustainable. Linen is a natural plant fibre that comes from the inner bark of flax stems. Our linen are grown and processed in Europe and require little to no pesticides, fertilisers or irrigation. It is then woven and made into beautiful linen clothing for women by talented family-run ateliers in Greece, Portugal and Hong Kong. Our linen is also Oeko-Tex certified (standard 100), which simply means that no harsh chemicals were used therefore deemed safe for humans. Furthermore, we collaborate with family-run factories with above-standard working conditions that employ less-intensive chemical processes (such as the dye they use to colour the fabric) and share our vision for a more sustainable future in the textile and garment industry for the production of linen clothing for women around the world.