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Discover Mediterranean inspired linen dresses that are designed with wearability and sustainability in mind


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Every woman wants to look good in beautifully designed dresses, but that doesn't mean comfort or practicality should be compromised. Our linen dresses do exactly that - it perfectly balances design and comfort together to ensure an elevated, classic look without the lack of feeling comfortable and confident. With a focus on mindful and eco-friendly manufacturing, Luxmii linen clothing for women infuses green measures into every aspect of the brand. We have consciously chosen linen as our hero fabric as it is arguably one of the most sustainable textiles in the world, linen is natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Luxmii Linen is your official go-to online brand to find your next linen dress in a design, colour and style that suits you. The look and feel of linen dresses is admired by by women of all ages and all walks of life; we offer luxe designs cut from our signature fabric, which is breathable OEKO-TEX® certified and hand-dyed in deep and earthy tones that evoke wanderlust and a connection to nature. Discover Mediterranean inspired linen dresses inspired by simplicity and comfort, designed with wearability and sustainability in mind.