Explore 100% pure linen outfits and sets that can mix and matched with your existing wardrobe with ease. Luxmii linen's effortless linen sets are so versatile, they can be worn both at home or whilst you're out and about. Our co-ords are matched through thoughtfully designed individual linen pieces that seamlessly work well together. Breathable and durable, our linen sets are rooted in stylish functionality. Together with our small team, we create wearable yet stylish linen sets that we personally want to wear and that serve a purpose in our busy daily lives. Why linen clothing you may be thinking? Made from one of the oldest and strongest natural fibres to ever exist, it is also zero-waste meaning that every part of the plant is used so as not to produce any waste. From textiles to edible food sources, every single component of the flax plant, which is what is used to cultivate linen textiles, can be used from its seeds to the production of oil. Our gorgeous linen sets will be outfit of choice whenever you're on the go, leading extremely busy lives or need to pack light for a trip away. Discover our full range of linen sets here.